Flab Jab Training 

Medically Enhanced Weight Loss Injection Training 


Flab Jab is our trademarked trading name of the prescription only medicine (POM), Ozempic® which contains the active substance semaglutide. It helps your body reduce your blood sugar level only when blood sugar is too high and can help prevent weight related conditions due to its power aiding weight loss. It has been reported that the injection will decrease your appetite and reduce portion sizes and snacking.

It was originally licensed in the UK for pre diabetic and diet controlled diabetic patients. It was found that the side effects included decreased appetite and weight loss and it can now be used for weight loss in the UK.

Recent media write ups claim this to be better than a gastric band! It’s a once a week for 4 weeks jab that is painless and really works! We know this from personal experience.

Following this 3 hour course completion you will receive an authorised distributor certificate.

​FlabJab is a protected trade name and completing the course gives you full use of the name and any support you may need.

For more information visit www.flabjabonline.co.uk